Shoghi Effendi was a Homosexual !? From the book of Abdul Baha’s secretary

Shoghi Effendi with his “Friend” Dr. Zia Baghdadi

Fadlullah Muhtadi (Subhi), (see here: The Baha’i Faith: Its History and Teachings) who was a trusted secretary of Abdu’l-Baha for years and a missionary, claims he had caught shoghi indulged in sodomy.

Since Subhi was excommunicated, Baha’is treat him like trash and try to discredit him, but historically speaking, his accounts seem to be genuine and there is no reason to believe that he made this up.

This is what he says on p. 145 of his book ‘payam-i pedar’:

“شبي با او و دکتر ضياء بغدادي فرزند يکي از بهائيان نامور که در امريکا کارش پزشکي بود و براي ديدار عبدالبهاء به حيفا آمده بود در عکا گرد هم بوديم و شوخي‏هائي که جوانان يکه [=مجرد] مي‏کنند مي‏کرديم، در ميان گفتگو من براي کاري از اطاق بيرون رفتم و بازگشتم در بازگشت ديدم دکتر ضيا کار ناشايستي کرده…. من برآشفتم و گفتم: دکتر! اين چه کاري است که مي‏کني؟ شوقي رو به من کرد و گفت اگر تو هم مردي داري نشان بده!! ماننده‏ي اين سخنان و کارها چند بار از او شنيدم و ديدم و دريافتم که بايد کمبودي داشته باشد. “

“One night I was with him (meaning Shoghi) and Doctor Zia Baghdadi who was the son of a famous Baha’i who practiced medicine in America and had come to visit Abdu’l-Baha in Haifa. We were hanging around in Acre and were fooling about humorously like teenagers. While we were conversing I left the room to attend to some matters and and when I returned I observed that Doctor Zia had committed an unrighteous act… I was outraged and said: Doctor! What is this deed that you are doing?! Shoghi turned to me and said: “If you have manhood too then show it.” I saw many similar acts and heard [similar] words from him many times and perceived that he must be lacking something.”


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