Ali Nakhjavani is a liar.

Shame on you Ali Nakhjavani. You were a member of UHJ for so many years – Baha’is call you a Scholar and you fool them !

is the broken plural form (Jam-i-taksir/mukassar) of Ghusn. In Arabic
it refers to 3 and more branches not 2 as Nakhjavani claims in this video. If
Baha’u’llah had intended 2 branches he would have stated “Ghusnaan” or
“Ghusnayn”. Furthermore, Baha’u’llah had more than two male descendants
(e.g. Muhammad Ali) and Nakhjavani is acting as if these people didn’t
existed – in a failed attempt to justify his false claims about “Aghsan”
meaning two.


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